What is CRACK IT

To capitalise on the move in industry towards greater collaboration in problem solving through open innovation, we are looking for the latest technologies and ideas that may have the potential to drive future reductions in animal use in the biosciences. Through CRACK IT Solutions, academics and small companies are able to showcase their ideas, technologies and products to the wider scientific community enabling them to find new partners to adopt or validate their research. CRACK IT Solutions will provide a gateway for industry and others to horizon scan for new approaches that have strategic, scientific and business relevance and also impact on the use of animals. Greater connection between scientists across sectors will accelerate the translation of new ideas and methods into practice. The solutions can be in any area of bioscience research - click here to see examples of the type of solution that can be shared through CRACK IT. CRACK IT Solutions now includes a funding competition to support partnerships in the development and/or validation of Solutions. To submit a solution you will need to register and submit a short form describing what your solution could be used for, the need for collaboration and the benefit to the 3Rs. We will then work with you to review and edit your submission to maximise the chance of uptake from different sectors or fields. Your solution will then be showcased on the CRACK IT website and publicised to relevant partners to obtain feedback and potentially create new connections. Before sharing a solution, we recommend you read the relevant guidance documents.