CRACK IT Advisory Panel

CRACK IT Advisory Panel members are appointed for three and a half years, with the possibility of a further one or two years' extension. A full list of current members and when their term ends is given below.

We receive new Challenge submissions from a wide range of disciplines. Additional members may be co-opted to the Panel, for one year, if additional expertise is required.

Assessment procedure

Peer review generally consists of a two stage process:

  • New Challenge submissions are assessed by independent scientific experts who consider the viability, scientific quality and likely 3Rs impact of the proposal. 
  • The Advisory Panel meets twice annually to assess new Challenge submissions and their progress. During the meeting, the assessment criteria are used to evaluate the scientific quality, 3Rs impact and commercial potential of the submissions; referees' comments and Panel members' opinions are also taken into consideration prior to making a final decision.

Declarations of interests

Advisory Panel members are required to declare any private, professional or commercial interests that might, or that might be perceived to, conflict with the NC3Rs interests as detailed in the declaration of interests policy.

Member Institution Term Ends
Professor Jon Timmis (Chair)  University of York 2020
Dr Uday Phadke  Cartezia 2019
Dr Malcolm Skingle  GlaxoSmithKline 2019
Mr Stephen Browning  Innovate UK 2019
Dr Martino Picardo  Independent 2019
Mrs Margaret Parton UK Trade and Investment 2019
Dr Kathryn Chapman University of Cambridge, Milner Therapeutics Consortium 2019
Mrs Sue Dunkerton Knowledge Transfer Network 2021